Grand Casino Beograd
Fall/Winter 2011/12 Campaign

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Belgrade, Serbia has always been famous for its night life, but with new laws and regulations that has started to change. Having to abide "no indoor smoking", "no loud music" and "closing at midnight" rules, most clubs started having a hard time attracting crowds looking for a fun night out on the town.

As Grand Casino Beograd did not fall under the same regulations as regular clubs and was able to offer an all night club style entertainment, the Casino together with Euro RSCG Belgrade decided to seize this great window of opportunity by embarking on a repositioning campaign. So far seen mostly as a “gambling palace”, the idea was to now position Grand Casino as a “place for a fun night”, with gambling remaining the main source of business. Previous image of the Grand Casino was based on its elite style high class premium representation, which detached the brand from the mainstream clubbing crowds. In order to turn the image around, the Agency suggested to use a set of authentic “night life” photos depicting realistic but yet memorable moments of young people having a fun night out on the town. The focus of the campaign remained on unveiling what the real atmosphere of the casino was offering – nothing serious and exclusive, but all the fun things instead such as music, drinking, young people hooking up, fun, and only then gambling.

Underlining “night life” photos with headlines related to gambling proved to be the best way to fuse two main functions of the casino – night entertainment and gambling, into one effective message.

When defining the new brand position “The best of Belgrade in one place”, the Agency was inspired by the fact that Belgrade will always be known as the city of superior food, quality drinks, fun night life and beautiful women, and Grand Casino Beograd offers you the best of all that in one place, and then some. The positioning slogan works well not only for the local target groups, but also for all potential foreign guests and visitors looking for a perfect way to experience the best of Belgrade.

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